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Eloquently written, Bishop Matt. This is something I encountered in an online forum just yesterday. As I am not naturally given to arguing, and I certainly don't see the benefit of doing so in an online forum (which was not dedicated to religious conversation, anyway) where I cannot be eye to eye, much less heart to heart with the other person, I swallowed hard... prayed for them... and moved on. The idealogy that in order to believe in God one must be a non-thinker, or at the very least a narrow, closed-minded thinker, is so rampant that sometimes it is very disheartening. But, we must NOT lose heart because He has overcome the world. I have come to understand that faith is necessary, no matter how much I want to be able to prove everything by rationale and fact. And, I am encouraged that I have seen Him break through to even the most hard and fast self-proclaimed atheists. But you are right... it is His work to break through, and our work to pray and love.


it's really bad when you are mislead to beleave that someone is helping there people and after reading about the rush card, i was just hirt.

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