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a tito clemente, jr

Amen Bishop Matt!


I appreciate this reminder... Sometimes I get so anxious when things are not all together...and yet it is in the mess that I notice God's presence most. Thanks!

Mark Adams

Ministry is like finger painting.. Fun, beautiful, active and messy...

Patricia Weatherford

Love your comments about how the messes in life are often the most impactful lessons God offers us. As one who has taken part in a specific ministry to children for 18 years I find myself needing to step down and change gears. Being 70 years old, I am grateful to retire, but did not realize how "messy" life gets when one does not have "the need" dictating the daily schedule. What to do with me? What use am I to my God now? Who am I? I still struggle with these, but, your words remind me to seek Him out everyday and pray for His guidance in how He might use me today. Thanks for your wisdom. Pat Weatherford, FMC Santa Barbara.

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