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June 28, 2008


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I'm 2 years into being a Free Methodist Youth Pastor. At the beginning of my "CMC" status, I took History and Polity over in Indianapolis. Having taken the same class in the Nazarene world, I was ready for a long nap. I was wrong.
I'd definitely recommend it to anyone beginning, or wanting a refresher in our rich heritage....not only theologically, but as it pertains to caring for the poor, orphaned, oppressed, widowed; living simply; and women in ministry.

I agree, any ministry preparation that does not include these things, is no preparation.

Kathy Callahan-Howell


How sad that FM churches in Michigan won't allow women to preach. I'm not sure how we allow these churches to call themselves Free Methodist yet openly violate our doctrines and policies.

As for the poor, I am excited that here in the Ohio Conference the leadership has declared that this year we will all focus on identifying with people in poverty! May the state never be the same.

Kathy Callahan-Howell

Vaughn W. Thurston-Cox

I read these posts, and they excite me. Could this represent a rebirth of a passion for holiness?

The question is how we make this a reality? How does this become a priority for our leaders and express itself in the Discipline?

Rick Reynolds

In the Pacific NW Conference, we support these institutions: Seattle Pacific University, Warm Beach Camp, Warm Beach Senior Retirement Community. All of these are serving middle and upper middle class people. Even the links from this web site are directed to FM educational institutions, which frankly were too expensive for my kid to attend (and, as he said, too many white people there).

It would be amazing to see a shift of focus toward marginalized people;

Ho! Everyone that is thirsty, come to the water, and you that have no money, come, buy & eat!

Daniel Carver


You may be surprised to know that Warm Beach Camp has built up a Campership Endowment Fund, called Kids 2 Camp, that provides thousands of dollars of financial assistance for kids to attend a Warm Beach Camp program. You can be sure that Kids 2 Camp reaches across socio-economic and racial boundaries to bring anyone who wants to go to camp to a place where they can encounter the transforming love of Jesus. Warm Beach Camp partners with many churches and Christian organizations in Western Washington to reach out to kids who need a week at camp. The results are transformational.

Check out this story for one example of a at-risk youth who's life was changed because strategic partnership with Tacoma Youth for Christ, made possible by the Kids 2 Camp fund.


You can also watch a video about Kids 2 Camp on YouTube:



Our Hillsdale. Mi., FM sponsored, along with a Methodist Church in Fort Wayne, In., an American Indian outreach ministry to South Dakota, the installation of modern windows in Habitat for Humanity homes of the Lakota Indian tribe. One of our members, retired from a window manufacturer, organized this through his contacts in the industry. The windows were donated by the manufacturer. I believe that over 300 windows were trucked over 1200 miles and a team of youth and adults spent about two weeks installing them. Many of the homes had substandard insulation and needed caulking and weatherization. We have built a bond with the native Americans that may grow over the future. Other outreaches have been to the hurricane Katrina victims. With the current economic crisis we are attempting to meet needs of the unemployed in our community as well.

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