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Rindy Walton

And take it not only to the community, but IN the community! People who don't attend church don't think about church...give them a taste where they are and beginning breaking down the barriers that too often keep them away. I'm in!!!

Karyn Ferver

In response to the 20-min. church
By short-functioning churches;

Are you POSITIVE, by doing actions
that limit a church's function, you're not shortchanging God?

Can YOU divide saved from missing?
Everyone hurts...
can you REALLY turn hurting, new Christians away for the missing?
What does this mean (to you)!
Faith without works is dead.
Works without faith is in vain.

John Adams

I tried this at my last church for a Saturday service. It started at 5:00PM and lasted until 5:35PM. I left the offering plate on a table next to the door to the sanctuary. We used dvds (music & visuals) for our 15 minute praise and worship time. We shared our joys & concerns and prayed together. Then I would share about a 8-10 minute sermon. After that, we would celebrate the Lord's Supper.

Within six months, that service added 1/3 more attendance to weekly worship and brought people to God who would have never come to our Sunday morning service. :)

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