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John Franklin Hay

Thanks for this. Just when I figured our Free Methodist bishops were too preoccupied with reorganizing the domain to respond to the pressing moral crisis in the American fiscal debate, you, at least, hit one out of the park. Just wondering: are you and the other bishops joining with other leaders of American-based denominations and faith groups to press this perspective with our government?

Kevin Book-Satterlee

Thanks bishop. It is a slight voice I'm afraid that you speak, but the call is getting louder throughout congregations (FMC & others) around the country. Some of my evangelical friends around the world have been asking these questions of the US church. Thanks for helping to provide answers to their questions and to point that Jesus is our President, King, even, dare I say Dictator, because he is our loving leader who commands obedience and loves us with much grace when we fail to obey. Thanks for your leadership.

Martha Kirkpatrick

Your voice may be "lone" and "slight," but you are not alone. Praise God that we have YOUR voice to speak for us! You are on the right track. We pray God will make your voice heard effectively more and more in high places.

sarah elwer

Thank you for speaking truth and making me feel not so crazy for thinking these same things!

Dan Kurtz

Thank you, Bishop Kendall, for these words which speak to the core of the gospel and our obligations to the poor.

Jaymes Lackey

You enbolden us when you speak like... We cower in our churches for these words are divisive in many circles. But when our leaders start using them, it legitimates the Jesus option. Jesus came to bring the sword. Following his way costs. Thank you for making us feel alone!

BTW, your final sermon at conference was amazing. It gave me the courage to preach the whole gospel. I taught new creation and resurrection over heaven and how, being agents of this reconciliation and new creation, we are to go to the whole world. A billion blessing!

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